Friday, August 10, 2007

Golf and technology--a wonderful combination

Streaming coverage of the PGA Championship is the best! Unlike the Masters, which looked like it was being streamed with a webcam, the PGA's video is as good as regular TV. Plus, there's coverage you can't get on TV--they follow marquee groups for an entire round. Yesterday it was Woods' group, today it's Mickelson's.

In a matter totally unrelated to golf, if you're a frequent web surfer you may be unaware that many companies place cookies on your computer without your knowledge or permission. Some of them are harmless, but cookies placed by advertisers often compromise your privacy by tracking your activities. If you use Firefox, there is a way to block these cookies from being loaded onto your computer. Firstly, if you want to block many scripts (like unwanted animations, audio, etc.) from loading without your permission, use NoScript. I've been using it for the last few days, and it's awesome. Then, if you want to choose which cookies to allow onto your computer, and permanently block the ones your don't, install use CookieSafe, another Firefox add-on. It lists cookies trying to load, and allows you the choice of allowing or permanently blocking it. To see how well it works, before using it, make note of how many cookies are currently installed. Then compare how many you have after using CookieSafe.

Back to golf: I'm amazed that no one in my "Take Wood's game" survey has not chosen to use take his putting skills. I'll let the survey expire before I show you some numbers that will have you, too, amazed that you didn't do it.

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Mav said...

Great suggestions! Everyone needs these add-ons, IMHO.