Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This week's SURVEY

Well, I did it. Yep, my rotator cuff is cheese, so until it's back to 100% health, I've been benched. No more golf for a few months. Instead, I'll be getting into shape, doing all kinds of exercises I should have done a long time ago. For those of you with a similar injury, don't let your doctor talk you too quickly into surgery unless you are in extremely bad shape; I'm talking excruciating pain. Stretching, strengthening, and rest from the offending sport can restore most rotator cuffs to full health. Surgery causes lots of nasty scar tissue which is really tough to stretch, so only use surgery as a last resort. While I rehab, I'll still be talking about the insanity that is golf, but in the meantime, how about a little survey? I'd like to know what my visitors think, so take a minute and follow the link, follow the link, follow the yellow brick link and fill it out (there's a link back to my blog if you so choose to return.) I'll post the results in a few weeks.