Monday, August 21, 2006

Go, baby, go!

I like underdogs. In any sport, when underdogs win, it's almost always more exciting, more entertaining. I used to feel that way about Tiger Woods. If anyone could mount a comeback with Woods in the lead, I was backing the little man every time.

But not anymore.

Woods' wins over the last two majors have completely turned me around. Not only do I want to see him win, I want to see him win everything. We golf watchers are in the presence of greatness, and I would like to see that greatness compound itself beyond not only my expectations, but even my imagination.

If there was any doubt that he's the best golfer ever, he put those doubts to rest. The downside to this is that now, golf writers will feel even more compelled to construct rivalries between Woods and other golfers, but those rivalries are as contrived as the President's Cup. Woods has no peer. In a couple of years, Woods may reconstruct his swing, and for a season or two, the vacuum created by his absence will bring a few players to the fore, but inevitably, Woods will return and take back the mantle of Best Player Ever.