Saturday, September 24, 2005

A bold experiment

I'm attempting to live with only 1 fairway wood. It's 17 degree Cleveland Launcher 4 wood. I'm tired of lugging around the 3, 5, or 7 woods, and for what? I use them each at most a couple of times in a round, and they end up not making much of a difference in the score. If I can't hit my driver, 5 degrees more of loft on hte 3 wood isn't going to help, AND trying to reach a long par 5 with a 3 wood is a very low percentage shot. On the other hand, I can hit a 5 iron about the same as a 7 wood (don't believe the hype--if you can hit a 7 wood or hybrid well, you can hit a 5 iron) so why lug around all the extra hardware? Sure, there might be a yardage gap somewhere in the 190-220 range, but how important is that? Also, when I was buying the Launcher, I overheard the staff at Roger Dunn (an awesome place to pick-up used gear if you're in Socal) saying the TaylorMade Quad (you know, the drivers with the weights) is a BITCH to hit if you're not a sigle-digit player, so beware! I picked-up a used Cobra SS 427 on ebay for $125 and couldn't be happier with it.