Monday, August 06, 2007

Sabbatini and Boy--separated at birth?

Arrogant, quick to overreact, and foul-tempered--that would describe both Rory Sabbatini and Boy, from "Little Monsters." In Rory's defense, he has no desire to turn his competitors into monsters by keeping them under the bed until after sunrise, but then again, he did emigrate from South Africa to Texas and couldn't be more proud to be from the Lone Star state. Eesh.


Anonymous said...

This is creepy, but I'll restate what I've posted on other blogs. Rory's comment was understated, and has been revisited as though it were fresh news. He said it once, and each time he comes into contact with Tiger, it is rehashed. Any competitor relishes the opportunity to challenge the head dog, and my guess is that Tiger respects Rory for not shying away from the glare of the spotlight.

woundedduck said...

It's obvious why Rory's comment is rehashed every time they're grouped in the final pairing on Sunday--because Rory has a 1% chance of beating Tiger. Tiger knows it, Rory knows it (at least he does by now), and we know it. My guess is that Tiger does not respect anyone who says he's "beatable" because the contrary is so utterly demonstrable. Tiger probably wonders why anyone would say something so stupid.