Friday, July 14, 2006

Stop the insanity!

There is a certain kind of golf madness. A madness that is born of equipment. Much equipment. Choices of equipment.

For instance--which irons do you want? Game-improvement, or ultra-game-improvement? Semi-stiff, high-torque, or low kick point with high torque? Do you need a 350cc driver, 400cc or 460cc? How about hybrids vs. fairway woods?

Yes, this is insanity, and, what's worse, it can infect other aspects of your life. For instance, electric guitars offer as much choice wackiness at golf, if not more. Of late, my golf setup has been quite settled, but I've taken up the guitar, and have worn myself down to the nub looking at used guitars. A pox on eBay!

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