Friday, July 21, 2006

Hair (and I ain't talking Rado, Ragni and MacDermot)

I've got no problem with daring hair styling choices. I've even toyed with the idea of mixing up my standard hair look a few times myself. But if I could give a word of advice to Euro golfers: The "Highlighting Era" has long sinced passed. The only people still highlighting over in the U.S. (specifically Glendale, CA) are young Armenian women, who, too, apparently didn't get the message that blonde highlights now officially look ridiculous (I'm pretty sure the federal government sent out a mass mailing to that effect.) Euro golfers--if you want to be a rebel, try a hair style that you think up yourself, or at least, have only seen on the newest punk bands. I understand that pro golfers have to walk to thin line between appeasing their ultra-conservative corporate money men, and, on the other hand, trying to avoid in oneself the feeling that you're not just another guy whose main contribution to society is chasing a hard white ball. It's tough, I admit. But for the love of God, dousing your scalp with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide is no way to make an existential statement. How about an arm-band tattoo--barbed wire, perhaps?

Next week: Why you shouldn't waste your time reading Über-hacks Cameron Morfit and Ron Sirak.

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Sean @ Deep Rough said...

Hah, nice post, they hair styles certainly are getting out of hand! Who's going to break out the purple mohawk at Augusta?