Saturday, June 16, 2007

Golf Magazine don't do sexy too well

Athletes can be sexy. But not necessarily. Case in point: Amanda Beard, swimmer--


John Daly,

not sexy.

Pro golfers, male and female, have great talent first, and media marketability second. In fact, it's the odd handsome dude or dudette that gets all the attention, hence the media oversaturation of Gulbis.

Ms. Gulbis obviously hopes she can up her stock by showing a little skin. Aesthetic value of the photo aside (just out of the frame, Siegfried is screaming that her rental time is up and that, "I need my stage back to train zee tigers!") she takes her image seriously.

So why do the photos that Golf Magazine included in their June 13 issue "Sexiest Women Golfers" spread look like they were taken by the golfers' spouse/boyfriend/sister/eldest child/goth gal-pal?

None of these women are unattractive, and I'm sure with a professional make-up artist and glamor photog, they could all look perfectly presentable. But really--these are the best the magazine could do?

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