Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Broom golf sweeping the nation

I don't know where my head's been the last few months, but apparently, there's a new version of golf coming on strong.

I'm not sure how it's played, or what the objective is, but I am sure of one thing: those brooms are awesome! I've looked on eBay for a nice matched set of golf brooms--flighted, frequency matched, the whole deal--but so far all I've found is a custom broom weaving company in Slovenia. I talked with the proprietress, and after a few minutes on the phone, I knew she could hook me up with the sweetest set of brooms. This lady knows her stuff. I faxed her my Ping color code measurements and she said that after three more fittings, she'd send me my new sticks. Her brooms are used all over the world, but her reputation was only solidified after Rudy Takanaga (pictured below)

won the 154th Annual Sweepers Federation Championship. Rudy, you are a true champion! So, I'll be donating my golf clubs to Orange County Flightless Bird Association, and begin my quest for mastery of broom golf. See you on the pitch.

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The Daily Mulligan said...

It looks like more fun than broom hockey and I bet there's a better chance of a drink cart.