Sunday, May 06, 2007

One plane vs two plane: I just don't see it.

I've been looking at the one plane/two plane "controversy", and I just don't get the difference. This article at Golf Digest has pictures of both swing types. Here are the two swings:

From the top of the backswing, they're nearly identical. At impact, they are identical. The thing is, if you were to put Ben Hogan's definition of "swing plane" (as seen below: the plane created between the ball and where the golfer's neck meets his shoulders) it looks as though one plane and two plane are, in actuality, the same, i.e., both under the plane. Two-plane swingers are those players who have the dramatic re-route of the club back to the inside, which is were supposed one-planers hang out all the time. Jim Hardy and his minions may have created the dichotomy of one plane vs two plane, but it may be, after all, a false one.

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