Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flight to Ohio: $500. Greens fees: $35. Playing with a set of clubs that cost you $8: priceless.

I'm out of town, visiting my clan in our ancestral homeland, better known as Northeastern Ohio, and, of course, it's Spring here, so golf is in season. I didn't dare schlep my clubs all the way from the City of Bulimic Angels, so I went shopping at a quality golf retail outlet. Here are some pics of my new acquisitions:

(The retail outlet is Salvation Army.) The grips are leather circa Eisenhower. I took them to a driving range, made my way amongst the guys playing with new shiny, grain-flow forged, titanium clubs and let 'er rip. I would guess they play nearly two clubs less than modern clubs (because of increased lofts and reduced shaft length) and the shafts were super-soft, which caused a fierce-some draw on every shot. With the driver, as long as you hit up on the ball like every pro says you should, you can get 200+ yards out of it. There's only one thing left for me to do: buy a worm-eaten bag for another $5, and hit the links.

And I'm not taking the price stickers off.

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Mav said...

I bet those irons won't play nearly as badly as you might think...let us know!