Friday, February 17, 2006

Survey results and this world of ours

Just as I suspected, my loyal readers are conscientious, rational, are neither religious nor Bush dogmatists, and feel that good golf comes from practice and confidence. And here's where my heart really goes out: you all feel you could be playing much better; in fact, you feel your golfing potential is largely unfulfilled--if we were fulfilled, we probably wouldn't be golfers.

You just got to stick with it. Golf, guitar, writing, and scrimshaw all require persistence for mastery. But jeez, it does sometimes just piss you off when we don't "get it." Practice is supposed to make us better, and when it doesn't, you can feel like the chucking the whole thing. Maybe that's a sign it's time for a break. My shoulder injury worked out great for my game. I'm hitting it like never before. I'm heading the course this afternoon, and when I get back, I shall post my new personal best score (I know it's going to happen, I can just feel it.) So, see you in a few hours.


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GolfNomad said...

You need to post more often..hope things are going well..with you and your far as "getting it" for me it was similar to how to swim..or stay afloat..i.e. not just happend one day.