Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tiger Woods must be stopped!

Over the weekend, Tiger Woods won the British Open (here seen on the 18th tee at St. Andrews enroute to a 5 stroke victory, Reuters) and I guess all the naysayers should now shutup. I was never a naysayer, though I wanted him to fail, but I assure you, my motives were noble. I wanted to see how bad things could get for him before he charged back to a dramatic comeback. Comebacks are the best thing in sports (Red Sox?) and a good one for Woods is just what I need. I'm a busy guy, my time is valuable, so when I sit down to watch some golf, I expect to be entertained. Since Bill Murray can't play in every tournament , someone, for Christ's sake has to put their foot down, and that foot is me! To that end, I have begun a campaign to force the PGA, USGA and the R&A to give strokes to the field when Woods is playing. Just think how much fun it would have been if he'd started the Open at 5+. Now that's a tournament! How else are these guys ever going to compete with him?


dave said...

On any given Sunday!!!

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brian said...

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